The ACC (BONDERITE M-PP930) coating method is well suited to complex hollow bodies and complete assemblies. The parts are degreased, rinsed, dipped in the ACC bath and dried at relatively low temperatures. Special feature: The deposition process is a chemical, which is de-energized. Thus, any ferrous point is uniformly strongly coated.

A more uniform coating and paint application cannot be achieved via any other method.

Other advantages are:

  • There are no organic solvents or heavy metals in the paint
  • Potential to save energy (no power, low baking temperature)
  • No problematic, heavy metal pretreatment, thus no sludge production of zinc, nickel or similar phosphates
  • More resistance to friction and mechanical influences
  • Custom colouring by subsequent powder coating


With TecTalis 1800 (M BONDERITE NT-1800), we chose a phosphate-free corrosion protection process for pretreatment of aluminum, steel and galvanized steel. We have not only chosen a particularly environmentally friendly product, but can also procure several substrates pretreated via the same method.