CNC Machining

The production of high quality turned and milled parts is a real test of versatility. Our guiding principle is loud and clear -”You decide - We manufacture - Without any compromise”.

In terms of materials you have the freedom of choice - well, almost. Our current front runner in terms of material use is aluminum, with a daily consumption of circa 20 tons. In addition to aluminum we are experts in the use of plastics, wood, other metals and sandwich panels to mention just a few.  We will utilize and refine whichever material ensures our customers the perfect product. 

The name Räckers represents an entire spectrum of high-quality machining.  

Perfection in sawing, turning and milling.

Using our diligent staffs highly valued expertise we can professionally apply and provide pre-coat treatments such as anodizing, sand blasting, grinding and polishing.   The basis of this combined with the dedication and diligence of our staff is evident in the high quality of our end products and is testament to our advanced manufacturing technology.