STP Constructions

The legal regulations in the area of load securing are attracting new attention. Reasonable load securing as a mandatory responsibility has spread to all stakeholders: Shippers, drivers and carriers.  However, through contractual agreements, the main burden of responsibility remains with the transport company and its driver.

A change in thinking and a workable solution is required

As such Räckers presents our STP “Sliding Tarp System Kit / Curtain Slider Kit” as your solution to this dilemma.  STP’s use of modern technology takes care of the current safety requirements and means that the majority of them are automated. Automatic passive load security during opening and closing with the STP® system

The load security is certified according to current EU legal regulations

Flexible, rear cargo securing for partial loading.

High economic savings through ergonomics and flexibility of the load compartment.

The STP Load Securing Certificate can be stored with the vehicle documents.

We manufacture all STP components and surfaces using our tried and tested methodologies in order to maintain STP’s well-known long life span.